History and Tales from 5 generations in Central Texas

Featuring Willie Greer Shelton.

Willie Greer Shelton

Matriarch, Story Teller
Second Generation of the Shelton Family in Austin

Willie “Grammy” Shelton was the matriarch of the Shelton Family. Willie was the granddaughter of the T.J. and Katherine Johnson. Willie and John E Shelton built a home in South Austin at 211 W. Liveoak Street in 1911 when it was the edge of town. John E. was a civic leader with an active law practice. They raised six sons. John E. died suddenly when Willie was only 4_, leaving her to support and guide her sons. In 19__ she was named South Austin Mother of the Year. Grammy’s Collection includes stories she told around the hearth of the early Shelton family as retold by her son Emmett Sr. Grammy cared for Lizzie in her final years and wrote her biography.

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