History and Tales from 5 generations in Central Texas

Featuring Emmett Shelton, Sr.

Emmett Shelton, Sr.

Original developer of West Lake Hills
Criminal Lawyer, Historian and
Civic Leader
Third Generation of the
Shelton Family in Austin



Emmett Shelton Sr.'s life spanned the 20th century in Austin. He made a living as a lawyer and developer but he had a gift as a storyteller and a historian. He passes along a treasure of stories he heard around the family hearth as a child about life in Austin during the 19th century, stories about cattle drives, lynchings and early Texas politics. Emmett also tells stories from his own time, about Ma and Pa Ferguson, defending bootleggers and cedar choppers, backroom political deals with LBJ, and developing West Lake Hills.  


Published Books:
My Austin: Remembering the Teens and Twenties

Dawn Breaks with Silent Echos Novel set in Post-Civil War


 CDs for Purchase:


Developing Westlake Hills: Part 1

   Sample Cut:

   LBJ Scoop to Shelton is Key to Development of
   Westlake Hills


Developing Westlake Hills: Part 2

   Sample Cut::

   Ben Thompson in Westlake



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