History and Tales from 5 generations in Central Texas

Featuring Emmett Shelton, Jr.

Emmett Shelton, Jr.

Korean War Historian
Realtor, Marshall, Publisher
Fourth Generation of the Shelton Family
in Austin
1932 - present

Emmett Shelton, Jr. was a major contributor to the development of West Lake Hills. He was a realtor in the 1960s-80s introducing residents to the area by four-wheel drive. He also served as the marshal and fire chief for the area for over a decade on a volunteer basis. Emmett joined the US Marines at 17 and was at Chosin Reservoir during his duty in the Korean War. Emmett married his Austin High School sweetheart Jeanette Adamcik and they raised 4 children. They moved to New Mexico in 1998 where they now live. Emmett’s collection features stories from his life in West Lake Hills as well as articles selected from the Guidon - Emmett’s monthly publication that chronicles memoirs of Baker Company.

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