History and Tales from 5 generations in Central Texas

Featuring Cyndie Shelton

Cyndie Shelton

Local Historian, Fly fisher and Photographer,
Advocate for People with Disabilities and State Health Policy Analyst

Fifth generation of the Shelton Clan in Austin.


Cyndie Shelton is the first born of Emmett Jr. and Jeanette.  She grew up with West Lake Hills - surrounded by stories of the developing community and its history.


Austin became the live music capitol of the world in In the heyday of the Armadillo World Headquarters, Soap Creek Saloon and Hippie Hollow – Austin was  a great place to grow up.

Cyndie began her career as a caseworker for children and adults with disabilities.  Next, she took her passion to legislative work.  Her 20 years with the Texas Legislature provides many colorful experiences with remarkable Texas politicians like Ann Richards, Bob Bullock, and George Bush.  Cyndie took a mid-life break to travel the western US and Alaska and collected tales and photos of her adventurers.

Cyndie had a particularly close relationship with Emmett Sr. in his later days and she carries forth his storytelling tradition with this website.




Cindy’s Red Hut Stolen: Austin Statesman


Austin Optimist Club’s Most Worthy Citizen for 1971:
Austin Statesman


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